Hex and  Moxon Wire Beam Antennas, Baseplate Kits, Hubs, etc
Hex Wire Beam Antenna Baseplate Kit
Zinc Fasteners - Price $89 plus shipping
Stainless Steel Fasteners - Price $109 plus shipping
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Ron Mott W4RDM
Note that the term "hex beam" used on this website does not refer to the Hex-Beam® manufactured by Traffie Technology of
Ashby, MA USA. The term Hex Beam here refers to the (DIY)hombrew hexagon shape wire beam antenna.
The zinc plated baseplate kit is appropriate for most of the antenna

I do recommend the stainless steel kit when the antenna is near salt
water or any other corrosive environments.

The second flange is included to simplify the connection between
the baseplate and the rotator.

The pipe required between the bottom flange and the rotor is a 1"
IPS (1.315 OD).

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Ron Mott W4RDM
12" Diameter Base Plate- 3/16" thick - type 6061 T6 Hex Aluminum plate with holes
Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Mast Flange  
Note: The flange on this baseplate are 1.315 inches inside diameter and are the        
          standard one inch iron pipe size (i.p.s.)
Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel Flange Bolts
Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel 1" U-Bolts with Nylock nuts

Shipping Cost for 1 to 3 Baseplate Kits

  • United States                      $15
  • Canada                                 $41
  • Mexico                                  $60
  • International                       $60
This is the Baseplate Kit
that is required for the March 2009 QST
antenna project page 30
The HexKit Hex Wire Beam baseplate hub has been used in homebrew Classic Hex Wire
Beams and the G3TXQ Broadband Hex Wire Beam that have been built in the last seven years
without a failure.  This is the hex wire beam builder's most used baseplate!
We are the oldest homebrew hex parts supplier !
1:1 Current Balun Kit - Ferrite Beads with heat shrink to waterproof
Price $18 for five beads $22 for six when shipped with baseplate
Select five or six ferrite beads 1:1 balun kit
Parts Included in Baseplate Kit
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