Hex and  Moxon Wire Beam Antennas, Baseplate Kits, Hubs, etc
1:1 Current Balun Kit - Ferrite Beads with heat shrink to waterproof
Price $18 for five or $22 for six plus shipping
US Shipping $6, Mexico $24, Canada $20, International $24
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Ron Mott W4RDM
Note that the term "hex beam" used on this website does not refer to the Hex-Beam® manufactured by Traffie Technology of
Ashby, MA USA. The term Hex Beam here refers to the (DIY)hombrew hexagon shape wire beam antenna.
The Hex Wire Beam requires a 1:1 current balun to reduce the
common mode current flow on the outside of the coax. This common
mode current will distort the radiation patten of the antenna.

The RF Choke uses ferrite beads over the coax just below the

Coax sizes up to RG-8 / RG-213 will pass through the beads.

Click here for installation instructions

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Ron Mott W4RDM
This is the RF Choke Kit
that is required for the
March 2009 QST antenna
project page 30
Select five or six ferrite beads and country
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The five ferrite 1:1 Balun kit is the same spec as the Palomar Engineers kit.