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Baseplate Kits and Parts for the homebrew hex beam builders
Hex and  Moxon Wire Beam Antennas, Baseplate Kits, Hubs, etc
US Dollars

10.39" x 12" Rectangular - 3/16" thick -
Type 6061 T6 Hex Aluminum plate -
requires only four cuts for hex shape.

  • Full size paper template included for hole locations
    Just cut out the template tape it to the plate, mark
    the center of the holes with a centerpunch
  • Limit three per customer
One - 12" Diameter Base Plate- 3/16" thick -
Type 6061 T6 Hex Aluminum plate with holes
for mast flange and 1" OD spreaders

  •        Limit three per customer

  • mast flange and u-bolts not included - order below
One - Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Mast Flange for a 1.25" Outside Diameter Mast

  • Bolts not included - Order Below

One - Driven Element Brass 10-24 thread connectors
Three Driven Element Brass Connectors
Three Connectors Shown
$3.25 each

Four - Stainless Steel Flange Bolts - Short for Single Flange
Four - Stainless Steel Flange Bolts - Long for Double Flange

Twelve - Stainless Steel U-Bolts with Nylock nuts for   
1" Outside Diameter Spreaders

Twelve - Zinc Plated Steel  1" U-Bolts with Nylock nuts
Six - Stainless Steel Screws to prevent Spreader from Twisting
Note that the term "hex beam" used on this website does not refer to the Hex-Beam® manufactured by Traffie Technology of
Ashby, MA USA. The term Hex Beam here refers to the (DIY)hombrew hexagon shape wire beam antenna.
Below are the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Box Typical Shipping Costs

           United States - $12.95

         Canada and Mexico - $29.95

           International Shipping - $45.95
The flat rate shipping cost is based on a USPS Priority Mail Flat rate box. If you are ordering a
smaller quantity please email me for a quote or just use the flat rate and I will refund the difference if
the rate is less,